Apr 20

GT Academy 2015: Full Program Details & Regions Announced

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Nissan’s full set of plans for the GT Academy 2015 competition have finally been revealed today, and it looks like things will be quite a bit different this year with some significant changes.

First things first: the competition begins tomorrow, April 21, 2015, via a new Special Event in Gran Turismo 6 introduced last week in game update 1.18. As in previous years, there will also be special “live” qualifying sessions held at various events in various participating countries – we’ll try to announce and cover these as best we can as they are announced.


There will be three international regions in this year’s competition: GT Academy Europe, GT Academy International, and GT Academy Asia. The three regions are divided up as follows:

GT Academy Europe

  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • UK
  • Iberia (Spain, Portugal)
  • Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg)
  • CEE (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic)

GT Academy International

  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • Mexico
  • Egypt
  • Algeria
  • Turkey

GT Academy Asia

  • Japan
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia

Observers will note that this is a fairly radical departure from previous seasons: there are no individual country regions, as was the case with the United States, Russia, and Germany in years’ past. Notably, Russia, Sweden, and Canada are apparently not part of GT Academy 2015.


Another big change: the final stage of GT Academy, “Race Camp”, will be leaving its spiritual home of Silverstone for the first time. The European finals will instead be hosted at the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit in Abu Dhabi. All the action will be recorded for a reality TV series airing later this year.


The prize, of course, is as big as ever, with the champions receiving a full season of racing in the 2016 Blancpain Endurance Series driving a 550bhp Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 race car.

Now would be a good time to visit GTPlanet’s GT Academy forum, which is always a popular gathering spot for challengers in each region around the world to share tips and tricks through each stage of the competition. Good luck, everyone!

Source:: GT Academy 2015: Full Program Details & Regions Announced

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Apr 16

GTPlanet Community Spotlight: The House That Gran Turismo Built

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It’s no secret that Gran Turismo 2 is my absolute favorite in the series, I mention it whenever the opportunity presents itself, however, the one thing I regret when I met Kazunori Yamauchi during Jalopnik’s inaugural Film Festival wasn’t talking to him about GT2, it was forgetting to bring my imported copy of Gran Turismo 4 with me to have it signed by him.

Why Gran Turismo 4 you ask? GT4, to me, was the closest the series has come to emulating that indescribable formula found within GT2 that just works despite its age. A formula that’s so inviting that it can re-played in full today and you’re just swallowed into that world representative of 1999 all over again; it’s a real nostalgia piece.

That’s just the thing, is nostalgia leading us afoul and preventing us from appreciating what we’re given today, or are these memories really as vivid as we believe them to be and we really would like things to be a little more straight-forward?

GTPlanet Picture of the Week


This week’s featured image, coming to us courtesy of fagnerpc, features the 1971 Ferrari Dino 246 GT touring the Goodwood Hillclimb.

If you like what you’re seeing and have a suggestion for next week’s featured image, start a conversation with me, entitle it “GTPlanet Picture of the Week” and fill it to your heart’s content with suggestions and they’ll be featured in upcoming Community Spotlight articles. NOTE: You cannot elect your own work.

GTPlanet Gallery of the Week

This week’s featured gallery is Safoo71 -Image Gallery- and is brought to us by, you guessed it, Safoo. Opened on the 19th of February of this year, the gallery approaches GTPhotography using a combination of action shots, close-ups, and one of my personal favorites, mood shots.

You can find Safoo’s gallery here in all of its splendor if you want to look through an entire catalog of photos that haven’t been touched up, with the latest update being this past Tuesday.

15711489114_4f194c511a_z- Lamborghini Diablo GT2 at Syracuse, February 23rd, 2015.

If you like what you’re seeing and have a suggestion for next week’s featured gallery, start a conversation with me, entitle it “GTPlanet Gallery of the Week” and fill it to your heart’s content with suggestions and they’ll be featured in upcoming Community Spotlight articles. NOTE: You cannot elect your own gallery.

GTPlanet Thread of the Week – What Does GT7 Need to be the Best?


Gran Turismo 7 is on the way but when we’ll be able to enjoy the game is currently unknown, which is precisely why this is the perfect time to discuss what we think would be necessary for GT7 to be “the absolute best Gran Turismo game”.

A couple of things spring to my mind and are as follows: the return of Route 11, Seattle Circuit, Grindelwald (Polyphony, please), Red Rock Valley, and a richer variety of racing modifications.

The thread, started by our own Shirrako, is looking to foster discussion on what we think will make Gran Turismo 7 the best ever, even go one step further in asking us to remove ourselves from the equation and take sales numbers and ratings into consideration as well. It should make for quite the discussion so you’ll definitely want to stop by the thread and share your thoughts!

Sounds of Driveclub, Part 3 – Renault Alpine A110-50

GTPlanet Member of the Week

It is once again time to acknowledge a member of the GTPlanet community is upon us. A member who has stood out among the hundreds of thousands of members already here, both old and new alike for all that they’re worth and all they have contributed to the community.

This week’s particular inductee is someone I knew for quite a while here but got to know even better after playing, you guessed it, Destiny, and shouldn’t worry about that funny GT5 incident many moons ago because I totally don’t remember that. Having said all of that, let’s give the warmest welcome to the newest member to find vacancy in the ever-expanding Member of the Week madhouse, Clark!

You’ll be able to read the full interview in the official thread right here the minute it’s available!

Greaves Motorsport Z11SN LMP2 Coming to GT6!


Discovered by our community, the Zytek-Nissan car driven by Jann Mardenborough and Lucas Ordonez at the 24 Heures du Mans in 2013 seems to be on its way to Gran Turismo as a part of the upcoming 2015 GT Academy challenges.

You can view the original discussion thread here, and view the original news article here for even more information.

GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week

Project CARS Has Gone Gold!


After experiencing two delays, Project CARS has finally entered ‘Release to Manufacturer’ status, or in other words the game has gone “gold” and is on course to release May 7th/8th in Europe, and May 12th in North America – the wait is truly coming to an end.

Project CARS will be a unique racing simulator in the core sense that it was entirely shaped by the World of Mass Development (WMD) community, and as a result is a direct reflection of what many want to see and experience in a racing game.

Let the countdown begin…

Ferrari LaFerrari Coming to Driveclub This Month!

The surprises are never-ending for Driveclub and this month is no different, albeit with one slight alteration: this month is arguably the most surprising to date because not only is Ferrari’s first hybrid sports car making its way to Driveclub, it’s coming to the game for free.

All you’ll need to do is have obtained level 5 for the “Ferrari Owner’s Club” driver accolade and you’ll have instant access to the LaFerrari when it’s made available in the upcoming 1.14 title update. For a car of this magnitude to be offered for free (with an option to buy) is practically unheard of.

More information to come as it’s made available!

GTPlanet Tune of the Week


This week’s featured tune is all about the GTi Supersport brought to us by ImToLegitToQuit of Legit Tunes Garage, and is tuned to tackle any 600PP challenge you set in front of it.

This car has a lot less understeer than the factory setup. it is great for tracks with sweepers like Spa and Grand valley. It was tuned on sport softs but should go back up to racing tires very easy. it ran a 1:57.1 at the GP/F. it is just over 1 sec behind my Gallardo but it is much more easy to be consistent. Still very competitive.

Stop by the Legit Tunes Garage and simply decimate the competition in this monster of a Golf.

The Last Lap

So I’ve been playing GTA V on PC lately and I’m just taken by the improved everything in comparison to my old copy for the PS3. The first-person camera can be a little on the jarring side of things if you haven’t adjust the Field of View, but even then it’s just intuitive and makes the game feel completely new on that one aspect alone. I won’t talk too much more about it because the more I talk about it, the more I want to throw myself back into it. I’ll just leave you with an image.


While this isn’t my picture I can tell you that this absolutely is from the PC version of the game and it just looks…fan-damn-tastic.

That’s about all out of me for this week’s festivities, so if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go play this time-sucking game for the next hour or so. Until next week, keep racing!

Photomode images by [Nor]McLarenF1, at1503, Whistle Snap, R8TEDM3, and RaY29rus.

Source:: GTPlanet Community Spotlight: The House That Gran Turismo Built

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Apr 16

Greaves Motorsport LMP2 Coming to GT6 for GT Academy 2015

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As with every new GT6 update, a handful of individuals in the Gran Turismo community have been poking at the recent v1.18 patch to hunt for hidden things – and this time they’ve struck a little bit of gold.

All-but-confirmed by a series of Twitter comments and retweets from the official NISMO account and also NISMO mandarin Darren Cox, the Greaves Motorsport Zytek-Nissan car as used by Jann Mardenborough and Lucas Ordonez at the 24 Heures du Mans in 2013 seems to be coming to Gran Turismo.


In-game models of the car have been revealed, wearing either the #42 of the Mardenborough, Ordonez & Krumm car from Le Mans or, as is traditional for GT Academy event test cars, this year’s Nissan GT Academy badging – suggesting one car will be used for the Academy events and the other will be on its way into the main GT6 game itself.


In all, four cars have been discovered added in the patch, with the two versions of the Greaves car and two GT Academy-branded Nissan GT-Rs – the GT-R NISMO road car and a version of the RJN Motorsport GT3 racer. With four events in this season’s GT Academy, that potentially leaves gap for a fourth car that has yet to be revealed – and Polyphony Digital may well be leaving that for another update in order to avoid having the final round scooped like last year. The possibility remains open then for a high-speed decider using the Nissan GT-R LM in June… watch this space!


Source:: Greaves Motorsport LMP2 Coming to GT6 for GT Academy 2015

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Apr 15

DeltaWing Featured in Latest GT6 Super Lap & Drift Trials

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A new batch of seasonal events are now available in Gran Turismo 6, featuring the DeltaWing, 4WD non-race and tuned cars, non-race cars and 2WD race cars. This week’s challenges are as follows, and remember to stop by our GT6 Seasonal Events forum for in-depth analysis and discussion, and tips and tricks.

All events will be available through May 13th, 2015 at 23:00 GMT/UTC.

4WD Non-Race Car and Tuner Car Super Lap

  • Deep Forest Raceway
  • Normal and tuned cars, 600PP Max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Drivetrain: 4WD
  • Gold: 92,000cr; Silver: 55,000cr, Bronze: 27,600cr
  • Gift: GT MILITARY 004-W

DeltaWing Super Lap

  • Red Bull Ring
  • 690PP Max, Racing/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 235,000cr; Silver: 141,000cr, Bronze: 70,500cr
  • Gift: GT GUNMETAL 005-W

Non-Race Car Drift Trial

  • Matterhorn Short Track
  • Normal cars
  • Gold: 108,000cr; Silver: 65,000cr, Bronze: 32,400cr
  • Gift: Chrome 004-W

Race Car Drift Trial

  • Autodromo Nazionale Monza
  • Racing cars
  • Gold: 175,000cr; Silver: 105,000cr, Bronze: 52,500cr
  • Gift: GT Grey 009-N

GT6 Photomode image by yewles1.

Source:: DeltaWing Featured in Latest GT6 Super Lap & Drift Trials

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