Sep 25

More Details on Formula E’s Million-Dollar ‘Road To Vegas’ eSports Competition

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formula e road to vegas

Earlier this month, Formula E announced a competition which would ultimately have its pros taking on 10 of the world’s fastest virtual drivers in an eRace worth $1 million in cash.

A recent update from the FIA-sanctioned organization now reveals how the total purse will be divvied up amongst participants, and those skilled enough to make the final field can breathe a sigh of relief: all 30 joes and pros will walk away with at least $20,000 in prize money.

The three-month ‘Road to Vegas’ showdown invites gamers the world over to compete for a chance to take on the entire grid of Formula E racers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Jan. 7, 2017. Touted by a Formula E media release as the “richest prize fund in motor racing eSports history,” the driver to claim the checkered flag first will be awarded $200,000.

Here is a complete breakdown of the ‘Road to Vegas’ winnings:

  • Pole – $25,000
  • Fastest Lap – $10,000
  • 1st – $200,000R2V Logo
  • 2nd – $100,000
  • 3rd – $50,000
  • 4th – $42,500
  • 5th – $35,000
  • 6th – $32,500
  • 7th – $30,000
  • 8th – $27,500
  • 9th – $25,000
  • 10th – $22,500
  • 11-30th – $20,000

All ‘Road to Vegas’ activities will be hosted on Image Space Incorporated’s PC racing title rFactor 2 and requires entrants to have commercial wheel and pedal setups. Qualifying begins Oct. 7, 2016 and follows the 2015-2016 Formula E schedule, picking up at Long Beach.

For a detailed look at rules and entry requirements, visit

Source:: More Details on Formula E’s Million-Dollar ‘Road To Vegas’ eSports Competition

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Sep 25

Watch Niels Heusinkveld’s Tech Talk on Sim-Racing Physics

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Last weekend at the Nurburgring in Germany, Sim Racing Expo 2016 rolled in with plenty of industry professionals talking about cars, racing, and everything that makes them so exciting to replicate in the digital world. One such studio who attended was Reiza, recently known for their work-in-progress title Automobilista. Lead vehicle-physics developer Niels Heusinkveld used the Expo to host a seminar on the intricacies of vehicle dynamics and car set-up. The entire lecture has been captured in the video above brought to our attention by VirtualR.

Heusinkveld discusses many topics that sim racing enthusiasts may find interesting. Tire load, weight transfer and set-up changes are a few of the areas explored – analyzing such areas as the reaction force logic used to work out how a car should act upon weight transfer in-game. There’s definitely a lot of meaty information here that may be too in-depth for casual players, but definitely worth a watch for racing game and development enthusiasts alike.

Automobilista is Reiza’s latest title.

For those who do enjoy driving and racing simulations, it’s understood just how complex the driving engines created are. It’s often cited as one of the reasons many simulations lack in key game-design areas due to how much time needs to be spent perfecting the engine and eliminating as many bugs as possible. Although Automobilista isn’t near the size of titles like Assetto Corsa at the moment, Reiza have the right priorities in place for nailing how a car should feel which should pay dividends as development continues.

A special thanks to Niels Heusinkveld for uploading the full lecture to his YouTube channel for our viewing, and to VirtualR for bringing it to our attention.

Source:: Watch Niels Heusinkveld’s Tech Talk on Sim-Racing Physics

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Sep 24

GTPlanet Comes to Instagram: Follow Us!

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Better late than never: GTPlanet’s official Instagram account launches today!

Since Gran Turismo 4 introduced Photomode to our community, we’ve been fortunate to host amazing virtual (and real) photographers who have shared impressive content on our site.

We’ve featured some of our community’s best images in our #GTPicOfTheDay feature on our Facebook page and Twitter feed in the past, and now we’re excited to add Instagram’s image-centric platform to our line-up as we put the spotlight on our most creative users.

Our account won’t just be pretty pictures, though: we’ll keep you updated with summaries of our latest news posts, screenshots from new games, and a behind-the-scenes look at GTPlanet. We will also take you on the road with Instagram’s “stories”, as we travel to various media events and game launches around the world.

Just visit our profile and hit the “Follow” button. If you have some friends who like cars, racing games, or just appreciate good photography, please tag them with an invitation to follow us, too. Thanks for spreading the word!

Source:: GTPlanet Comes to Instagram: Follow Us!

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Sep 24

F1 2016: New v1.5.0 Patch Updates Liveries and Fixes Bugs

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A new patch for F1 2016 has been launched, mainly focusing on polishing technical aspects of the game. The patch introduces significantly fewer changes than the previous update, but the importance of improving the game’s stability are no less important.

Here’s the complete list of documented changes:

  • Updated vehicle appearance for Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren, Manor, Renault, Force India and Toro Rosso
  • Adjustments to relative performance of teams and drivers based upon 2016 results so far
  • Stability improvements for all game modes
  • Various multiplayer fixes
  • Various graphical bug fixes
  • Various other bug fixes

We’ll keep an eye out for more news from F1 2016; in the meantime, stop by our F1: The Game sub-forum for more analysis and discussion!

Source:: F1 2016: New v1.5.0 Patch Updates Liveries and Fixes Bugs

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